Korean webtoon is a type of comic strip that is available on an online platform. It is an incredibly popular genre of entertainment in Korea, and its influence is now being felt around the world. One webtoon in particular, Under the Oak Tree, is heating up the internet with all of its hype. This series, at once charming and thought-provoking, is capturing the hearts of millions of readers worldwide.

Under the Oak Tree follows the life of Soo Jin and her family who live in a countryside called Bukchon. The series follows the transitions in their lives, as various happenings both for good and for bad occur to them. The narrative centres a lot on Soo Jin’s relationships with her family and her friends, who she has known for a long time. The story paints a vivid picture of rural life, with all its difficulties, pleasures and quirks.

The art style of Under the Oak Tree is vivid and detailed, yet surprisingly simple. Although there are some very realistic visuals, the use of colour and light give the comic a unique charm. This, combined with the old-fashioned setting, gives the comic a distinctive feel, like wandering through a village from a bygone era.

The storytelling of Under the Oak Tree is also very strong. The story is structured well, with each chapter seamlessly leading into the next, creating a satisfying flow of storytelling. With the help of the well-crafted frame work of the comic, the narrative does not suffer or seem too repetitive or drawn out. The message of the story is communicated clearly, without getting too preachy or overwhelming.

The characters in the Under the Oak Tree are diverse and unique. From the maverick teenager Kim Min Nam to the cold capitalistic businessman Young Ho and the distinguished military officer Yi Soo, the characters are all incredibly distinct, adding texture and interest to the narrative.

Under the Oak Tree is a webtoon that is sure to capture the hearts of all its readers. The story is well crafted, the art style is beautiful, and the characters are memorable and distinct. Both new and longtime fans of this genre should not forget to give this webtoon a try. So what is everyone waiting for? Grab a cup of tea and dive into this story – you will not be disappointed!