Molly Jong-Fast is one of the most prolific journalists and authors of our day, making waves across the literary, cultural and political scenes. She is the daughter of famed novelist Erica Jong, but her work on her own merits has made her a star in her own right. Yet beyond her accomplishments in the world of books, Molly Jong-Fast is also an avid and vocal Twitter user, tweeting about everything from politics to pop culture. Her down-to-earth tweets make her a particularly interesting figure on the popular platform, and her clever and insightful posts have earned her over 300,000 followers.

As a journalist, Molly Jong-Fast has written extensively on topics such as politics, feminism, and the arts. She’s had her work published in prominent publications such as The Daily Beast, The New Republic and The Atlantic, and is a contributing editor with Marie Claire magazine. She’s also authored numerous books, ranging from Warlight (2003), a novel about a dystopian future, to The Social Climber’s Bible (2015), a satirical guide to achieving “perfection” in one’s social standing.

As for her presence on Twitter, Molly Jong-Fast can often be found poking fun at the latest political scandals, offering her insights on various issues, and cracking self-deprecating jokes. She first started tweeting in 2009, and since that time has garnered over three hundred thousand followers. From her witty musings to her more serious takes on the current state of affairs, Molly Jong-Fast is a particularly strong presence on the platform, often engaging in two-way banter with her fans and followers. Her blend of hilarity and street-level observations make her a fascinating, if not always uncontroversial, figure to follow both in her professional life and on social media.

A look at some of Molly Jong-Fast’s more popular or polarizing tweets further demonstrates the unique power of her social media presence. Her posts exposing the hypocrisy of those who center their sense of morality and patriotism on false ideals or accusations have been widely lauded and shared on social media. On the other hand, her more direct criticisms of powerful politicians or celebrities have also been retweeted and discussed. Either way, she’s been an outspoken advocate in her tweets, never shying away from speaking her mind.

Yet, regardless of the occasional controversial tweet, Molly Jong-Fast’s uniquely hilarious style of communication has helped her cultivate a massive fan-base of loyal followers. She often posts satirical videos and GIFs, tweets about her own writing process, and engages in discussions about popular culture. From frank takes on sexism in politics to making fun of the latest Hollywood gossip, Molly Jong-Fast will no doubt be a prominent figure on Twitter for many years to come.

Whether you agree with her takes on politics, culture and literature or not, it’s easy to see the appeal of Molly Jong-Fast’s presence on Twitter. Her frankness and humor have made her a strong social media presence, one that many find compelling, informative and especially hilarious. From her critiques of modern-day politicians to her insightful opinions on the current state of affairs, Molly Jong-Fast’s Twitter presence has something for everyone.