Nikki Glaser is an American comedian and television host who is known for her edgy and unfiltered comedic style. She has quickly become one of the most popular entertainers in the industry and is beloved by fans for her candid and honest humor. Whether you are a fan of her stand-up comedy, her work on several television programs, or her podcast, you’re sure to be entertained. Here’s why you need to follow Nikki Glaser and her career a little more closely.

Her Comedy Is Redefining Stand Up

Glaser’s comedy style is absolutely bold, honest, and hilarious. She tells jokes with the same candor and natural wit that fills her popular podcast, You Up With Nikki Glaser. On the show, she invites celebrity guests to candid conversations about sex, relationships, and dating. Even when she’s discussing topics about which she may feel a little less than confident, she doesn’t shy away from talking about these topics in order to make her audience laugh. Her stand-up acts are often filled with stories about her life, no matter how uncomfortable or personal, that don’t shy away from the sometimes-cringeworthy moments that happen to all of us but that Nikki has the courage to laugh at, and make others laugh at, along the way.

She’s A Work Ethic To Be Reckoned With

One of the most impressive things about Nikki Glaser is how hard she works. Beginning with podcasting and stand-up comedy just a few years ago, she has already risen to be a household name in the comedy world and is a veritable goddess in the podcasting scene. Not only that, but she continues to work diligently to discover new ideas and reach out to new audiences. She is constantly producing new and innovative content that her fans love to watch and follow, covering topics no one else does and never staying comfortable with the status quo.

Engaging With Her Fans

Another thing to love about Nikki Glaser is how connected she is with her fans. She often interacts with her fans on social media, drawing in those she hasn’t yet met even by liking and retweeting their posts. She also frequently visits venues for her stand-up shows, where her fans are warmly welcomed and can meet with Nikki and share a laugh or two. Most inspirational at all is her genuine care and love for her fans and the dedication she puts into each performance or event she organizes, making sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

A Career of Laughter-Inducing Moments

All in all, there is so much that Nikki Glaser brings to the table when it comes to comedy and entertainment. She is simply one of the funniest and most dynamic people to watch, and her comedy and television hosting are always peppered with laughter-inducing moments. With her effortless comedic ability and natural wit, it is truly no wonder that she has quickly become one of the most beloved entertainers in the industry. From her podcast to her stand-up acts and her guest appearances on various television and radio shows, Nikki Glaser is the comedian and television host that you need to follow if you want to enrich your entertainment experience.