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If you’re an art lover or a creative mind, there’s no doubt that you’re always looking to upgrade your Instagram feed. From the traditional artwork to the most unique unconventional drawings, you often find yourself stuck with a limited selection of artists or photographers to follow. That’s why today, we are introducing you to the talented Michael Putt – an artist who embodies all the latest trends while remaining true to his unique style.

The Creative Artist

Michael Putt is a Los Angeles-based artist who is well-known for his creative artwork and illustrations. His projects are diverse and range from traditional paintings to sketching and even photography. Putt’s artwork is full of life and pastel color palettes, combined with modern influences thanks to his choice of motifs, which often include abstract shapes, enigmatic characters, and contemporary urban landscapes.

Delightful Illustrations

Some of his illustrations often incorporate the likes of the iconic LA skyline, futuristic metropolitan fantasies, and captivating abstract spaces. Revealing a new take on living and exploring our environment, Putt’s projects expose the viewer to different perspectives such as disorientation, absurdity, and surrealism. Each drawing and painting is a fine balance between traditional techniques and progressive influences, offering an endless exploration of colors and textures.

Influences and Style

When it comes to influences, Michael Putt draws inspiration from his lifetime travels, pop culture, and international urban art. This type of creative contrast and cutting-edge artwork is the principal of Putt’s copyright studio, Vitamin C Design. Here, you’ll be able to discover a variety of stories and visual delight that the artist has put together to captivate your imagination.

What To Expect on Instagram

Michael Putt’s Instagram feed is an ode to his winning combination of traditional art and contemporary inspiration. It provides a glimpse into the artist’s working process and shares his inspirations. From posting work in progress to short insights into the visual stories behind some of his illustrations, you can expect a healthy mix of personal reflections, fascinating colors, and interesting concepts.

Experience What Putt Is Creating Right Now

If you appreciate the thrill of observing an artist evolve their work before your eyes, then you’re definitely in for a treat with Michael Putt. His art is in constant motion with no signs of taking a break anytime soon. Follow his Instagram profile to witness firsthand his exciting journey of experimentation with colors, shapes, and unreal elements!