Kissy Missy is Netflix’s latest and cutest way of bringing adorable, goofy fun to their movie lineup. From the creators of Adam Sandler’s popular Big Daddy, Kissy Missy features a unique, charming way for couples to enjoy a romantic comedy for any occasion.

Kissy Missy takes place in an old-fashioned kissing booth, where couples of all ages share a single kiss to test their compatibility. From there, viewers will follow the characters through humorous scenarios and heartwarming romance stories. To make the viewing experience even more enjoyable, the audience is taken along a romantic countryside walk, as the couple stops at different locations to share another kiss.

One of the most interesting aspects of Kissy Missy is the sense of nostalgia it invokes. While the film is set in a modern-day setting, the old-fashioned kissing booth truly brings audiences back in time to an old-fashioned romance. Even the settings of the couples’ romantic walks only add to the ambience of walking through a fairytale land.

The choice of actors also adds something special to the film. Jessica Williams, who plays the leading lady, gives a unique performance as she brings both comedy and sweetness to her role. Her chemistry with co-star Jake Johnson is both playful and irresistible, making it easy for audiences to enjoy the on-screen romance.

Finally, the soundtrack of the film gives a bouncy and cheerful atmosphere, allowing viewers to feel the romcom vibes and follow the characters on their journey. Combined with the lighthearted script and charming visuals, Kissy Missy is the perfect way to bring a little lighthearted escapism into your day.

Kissy Missy is an enjoyable film that will keep you entertained until the credits roll. If you’re looking for something to make you smile, laugh and feel sparks of romance, this is an easy choice. With its combination of humor, chemistry, and heartwarming moments, it will make for a great date movie or just a night in with your friends. So, make sure to add Kissy Missy to your Netflix watch list. You won’t regret it.