One of the most common problems that couples face is monotony , not only at an intimate level but also in their daily lives, in which routine often appears as a great enemy that leads to boredom and lack of emotion in the union. Breaking with the routine of a couple is not always an easy task, however, it is enough that both intend to do it so that they can work in favor of a much more varied and lively relationship. If you don’t know where to start, we explain how to effectively break the couple’s routine.

Steps to follow:

1. To start breaking the couple’s routine, the first thing they must be very clear about is that they will have to leave their comfort zone. The days of always doing the same thing are over, the time has come to innovate without stipulated calendars and without strict rules, are you willing to accept the challenge? If the answer is yes, continue reading.

2. If you think that the problem of monotony is especially present in the sexual sphere, then at the moment of breaking the couple’s routine in intimacy and raising the temperature of those encounters. Here are some ideas:

  • Varies in sexual positions, enough to always use the same positions, pleasure has many faces. Discover which are their favorite positions and theirs and please your partner to the fullest.
  • Try a threesome. Online there are a variety of Birmingham escorts websites that you can use to find the right girl for the new experience.
  • Leave the room and start having sex in other parts of the house, you will see how different it is.
  • Do that thing that you have not done for so long and that you know he likes.
  • dress up! Role plays are exciting and fun, worth a try.
  • Try a sex toy that you have always been curious about, it can be a lot of fun.
  • Include in your previous games erotic ingredients to lick and suck like chocolate or whipped cream, a classic that always goes well.
  • Try sex somewhere in public, it might be crazy but why not give it a try?
  • Give yourself a getaway to some romantic place and enjoy a few days (or hours) together without interruptions.
  • Prepare a romantic dinner or a special breakfast.
  • Get back that affectionate nickname you used to give him before. Talk to him with a little more sweetness and don’t be afraid to be affectionate.
  • Kiss him and hug him more, much more! Do not forget the caresses, the affections and the gestures of love, which will help to improve your intimacy remarkably.
  • Tell him what you like and what you want to receive in bed, don’t be afraid to talk dirty to him or tell him everything you want him to do to you. You will see how exciting it is.

3. Breaking the couple’s routine does not necessarily imply leaving the house or investing money in some activity, there are things that you can also do at home and that will help you get out of the monotony and have fun together. Can’t think of anything? Here are some proposals:

  • Make a weekend of themed movies: horror, science fiction, animated, children choose your favorites! Popcorn, drinks, chocolates and enjoy that sofa.
  • Cooking something together, an excellent way to share.
  • Redecorate some space in the house in a creative way: with recycled materials, painting the walls, whatever leads them to use their imagination.
  • Make a homemade dish that they have never tried before.
  • Organize a night of homemade cocktails and loud music, a good private party without leaving home.

4. Start by making different plans every day , small changes in everyday life that will help you renew the time you share as a couple. The days of always lying on the sofa are over, you can start by leaving home and:

  • Going to a gym together, the exercise will help them to be more comfortable and active.
  • Take dance classes of any discipline that appeals to them.
  • Go skating two afternoons a week.
  • Take routes or bike rides.
  • Go more to the movies.
  • Going out to recreate the first date together is sure to bring back memories!
  • Review the event schedules in your city and go to those that interest you the most.
  • Start a hobby together about an interest they have in common
  • Going out for a picnic when the weather is nice.
  • Go somewhere you haven’t visited for a long time.
  • Stay more with friends who no longer see so often.
  • Start a course on any subject that seems fun or appeals to them, for example Japanese cooking, CrossFit classes, martial arts, a language, whatever!
  • Go to exhibitions about the topics that interest them the most: art, cars, furniture, second-hand items, craft beer. The reality is that there is always something happening in cities that may be interesting for you.

The goal is not to spend one day after another and another locked up at home asking for food at home. There is always something to do outside, why not try it?

But above all, do not settle for the usual, to break the routine of a couple in bed it is important to always think of new things and imagine, that way both will always be able to have fun.