When it comes to furniture and home decor, the one name that comes to mind is Mathis Brothers. The Oklahoma-based retailer has become a go-to destination for people who are looking for quality items that are also stylish and affordable. This comprehensive look at Mathis Brothers will help explain why they are so popular and provide insights into how they are able to stand out from the competition.

Mathis Brothers first opened their doors in 1960 and quickly made a name for themselves with their huge selection of furniture at reasonable prices. The company has continued to grow over the years and they now operate eight large-scale stores located throughout Oklahoma and Additionally, they have an online store that ships furniture and other items to all 50 states. What sets them apart from other retailers is their commitment to providing a wide array of styles and price points to fit any budget.

No matter where you shop in their stores or online, you can be sure that you will find something that you will be happy with. Mathis Brothers offers an extensive selection of modern, classic, and traditional furniture and home decor along with unique pieces. The stores are well-organized, making it easy to browse the many pieces and compare them side-by-side. Additionally, Mathis Brothers offers a diverse range of styles from popular designer brands such as Ashley, Flexsteel, and Serta.

What really sets Mathis Brothers apart from their competition is the service that they provide. Many of their stores have on-site design consultants that are more than willing to help customers find the perfect item for their home. The consultants are knowledgeable and friendly and can provide assistance with measuring, decorating, and assembling pieces. Additionally, staff will even deliver items to customers’ homes.

In addition to furniture and home decor, Mathis Brothers also offers the “Mathis Brothers Guarantee.” This guarantee states that shoppers will get the best quality products and the lowest prices. Customers can also rest assured that all items they purchase will last them a long time with the company’s expansive warranty and protection services.

Mathis Brothers has long been a popular destination for furniture and home decor in the Midwest. With their huge selection of styles and price points, impressive service, and convenient stores, it’s easy to understand why this retailer is so successful. Head to your local Mathis Brothers store or check out their website today to find the perfect pieces to make your home a place you can be proud of.