George Conway is not your average Twitter user. Known for his outspoken views and persistent attacks on the President of the United States, the former conservative lawyer has made an explosive presence on the platform since he joined in 2014. Whether attacking the president’s policies, revealing strange details about his psychological behavior, or chiming in on a current news story, Mr. Conway has quickly become an online sensation.

Mr. Conway, who is the husband of the former presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway, was known for his legal insight before he joined the Donald Trump administration. He appeared frequently in the media and wrote a number of articles for high-profile publications, often challenging the norms proposed by the other side politically. Yet it was only after joining Twitter that his global impact was fully felt.

What makes Mr. Conway’s presence on Twitter so interesting is his willingness to go after not just the president’s policies, but also his character and words. His explosive tweets have made him a target of both groups and individuals who loathe the president, as well as those who revere him. In doing so, he has quickly become a lightning rod for the political debate on social media.

Mr. Conway’s tweets are often backed by facts, though they ultimately come down to opinion. He has become an increasingly influential figure on the platform, garnering thousands of retweets and attracting lots of attention from the media. Even those who disagree with his views can’t help but listen to what he has to say.

Throughout the 2016 election and beyond, Mr. Conway has used his social media presence to make his views known. He has consistently voiced his opposition to the Trump agenda and exposed weaknesses in the president’s rhetoric. His tweets are often backed by an extensive chain of facts, or even articles that corroborate his point.

The legal minds of the White House rarely escape Mr. Conway’s ire. He recently took on the Attorney General in an incendiary tweetstorm, specifically concerning the president’s denials of wrongdoing in the Mueller investigation. Mr. Conway also often discusses the current president’s “mental health” and dishes out blistering critiques of the president’s decisions.

Notably, Mr. Conway has also used his Twitter following to bring attention to causes that he believes in. He regularly utilizes it to raise awareness about mental health and other social issues, as well as to promote fundraising efforts for charity. In short, he has become a popular source of news and clickbait for politically inclined readers.

George Conway is proving to be much more than just a former conservative lawyer with an opposition to the current president. His presence on social media has become an outlet for voicing his opinion and making waves in the political discourse on Twitter. His explosive presence is making an impact, and it is demanding attention.