In the age of social media, influencers have become an integral part of modern culture. From fashionable bloggers to accomplished Youtubers, influencers come in all shapes and sizes, each commanding a hefty number of followers. Among them is Corinna Kopf, whose vibrant Twitch streams, magnetic personality, and bubbly demeanor make her one of the most engaging personalities in the influencer space. Let’s take a closer look at her life and career.

Early Life and Career

Corinna Kopf grew up in Illinois, the United States. She was always interested in fashion, and started posting outfits and makeup tutorials on social media when she was just 13. By the time she was a senior in high school, she had over 50,000 followers online. After graduation, she decided to forgo college and pursue her career in social media and influencer marketing full-time.

She began by posting lifestyle and fashion content on Youtube and streaming on Twitch. She quickly found success and her follower count kept growing. She gained a large following on Twitch and Youtube, where she talked about lifestyle, makeup, gaming, and life in general.

Worldwide Fame

In 2017, Corinna Kopf gained huge online popularity when she was accepted into the FaZe Clan professional gaming organization. As part of the FaZe Clan, she gained over 6 million fans in just seven months. In the same year, she became the second female FaZe Clan member after Kansas-born influencer Kelsey Impicciche.

In addition to her work with the FaZe Clan, Corinna also continued to post content on her own Youtube and Twitch channels. Most of her content has to do with lifestyle, beauty, and gaming, but she is also known for her funny and entertaining conversations with her friends on her stream.

More Fame and Other Ventures

In 2018, she and actor David Dobrik began a popular podcast entitled “Views.” The podcast features David and Corinna discussing current trends, gossip, and life topics with their celebrity guests.

Corinna Kopf’s growing fame allowed her to try her hand at a variety of other endeavors. She launched her own clothing line, PK Merch, in 2019. PK Merch stands for “Party King Merch”, a moniker that Corinna is often referred to by her fans.

As a testament to her success, Corinna Kopf was invited to be a guest judge on the 18th season of America’s Next Top Model in 2020.

Current Projects

Most recently, Corinna Kopf has been busy working on her second clothing line, which is scheduled to launch in 2021. She’s also returning to Youtube and Twitch, where she’s focusing on creating content that provides more insight into her personal life, interests, and ambitions.

Over the years, Corinna Kopf has seen impressive success and growth as a social-media influencer. With her humorous, bubbly, and magnetic personality, she has been able to capture the attention of millions of followers. And when it comes to the future, Corinna is determined to continue doing what she loves while keeping her fans entertained and engaged.