In recent years, freedom of speech has been under attack by a number of Big Tech companies such as YouTube and Facebook. Censorship has been rampant and these companies have been accused of silencing the voices of independent media and the free flow of information. As a response to this censorship, a new video platform has emerged called Brighteon. It’s a free speech-driven site that promises to provide its users with a place to share their ideas without censorship.

Brighteon is a video-sharing platform that was founded in 2018 by a disillusioned YouTube creator named Mike Adams. After experiencing YouTube’s heavy-handed tactics of censorship, Adams decided to create a platform that allows for freedom of speech and expression in a way the traditional video sharing services do not. Brighteon’s mission is to “enable open, relevent, and safe communication of ideas, protected from bias, censorship, and arbitrary deletion from large corporations.”

The platform is designed to be a much more user-friendly alternative to YouTube. As opposed to the tech giant’s cumbersome and often-censored platform, Brighteon allows users to quickly and easily upload videos. Plus, the site’s algorithm only shows users content that is relevant to them, eliminating the need for them to search endlessly for the content they’re looking for.

When it comes to freedom of speech and censorship, Brighteon’s admins have a zero-tolerance policy. Videos containing religious and political opinions, profane language, and adult content are all allowed on the platform as it “empowers individuals to seek truth without the risk of censorship.” On top of that, Brighteon has strict community guidelines to keep its platform free of hate speech and misuse.

In order to ensure its users are only exposed to content that’s consistent with their interests, Brighteon has implemented an algorithm that automatically sorts videos into appropriate categories. Furthermore, the platform takes advantage of machine learning to flag and remove content that violates its rules or is deemed inappropriate. Additionally, Brighteon offers users the ability to customize their own lists of videos they wish to follow, allowing users to further control the content they wish to view.

Although YouTube’s user base is still much larger, Brighteon is seeing rapid growth, as people are looking for an alternative to the tech giant’s overly-restrictive rules. Brighteon’s commitment to free expression and lack of censorship makes it appealing to independent media outlets and those who are frustrated with the current state of YouTube.

Brighteon isn’t the only video platform that’s taking on YouTube and other Big Tech giants. Another major player is Rumble, which is backed by Fox News and CBS. Despite these two video streaming giants, Brighteon is still setting itself apart as the go-to platform for freedom of speech and expression.

In the wake of the Big Tech censorship controversy, Brighteon has positioned itself as the leading free speech video platform. With its dedication to free expression and its innovative approach to categorizing and sorting videos, Brighteon has gained a lot of traction and offers a promising alternative to YouTube and other Big Tech companies.