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This sizzling new collection of short fiction
from the Hong Kong Writers' Circle
(Eds. Tammy Ho & Jeff Zroback)
provides an Asian spin on the themes of love and lust.

Featuring writing by some of Hong Kong's finest authors,
this anthology will leave you in the mood for love...
and lust.

Sunev – The Three-legged Dog of Love by Ian Greenfield
Frozen Time by Michael Gibb
Bali Low by Muhammad Cohen
A Good Christian Girl by John Biggs
Runaway Bride by Mohyna Srinivasan
Switchback by Mike Bishop
The Badminton Game by Cara Leek
The Swing-bed by B B Wei
The Pussy Man Blog by Lawrence Gray
One Yellow Plumeria by Grace Chan
Aida by Noble A Hughes
A Question of Importance by Mike Ashton
Across the Tracks by Betty Bhownath
The Aphrodite Club by Peter Gregoire
PC 00927 by Winnie Chau
Their Voices, Varied and Many by Tammy Ho Lai-ming & Reid Mitchell
Coming Home by Jane Wallace

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Love & Lust is published by the Inkstone Books and the Hong Kong Writers' Circle.
Retail: HK$120/copy

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