Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology (Ed. Tammy Ho) is published by the Department of English (now School of English) of The University of Hong Kong. Professor Shirley Geok-lin Lim serves as its consulting editor. The launch of Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology took place on 8th March 2006 during the Man Hong Kong Literary Festival of that year. View a picture of Tammy & Shirley here.

Praise for Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology:
'Boundaries between life and death, love and indifference, selfishness and selflessness, foreign and Chinese, dissolve in the efforts to come to terms with, or just pinpoint, or even criticise, that one finds here; and even as one attempts to read this as a collection of Hong Kong Poetry, the East and the West that meets here begs the question of universality, especially in a timeless place, producing the inclusion of a brilliant piece of sustained writing that is as Yorkshire as a pudding but similarly a product of this collection's process.'
--Lawrence Gray, Chairman of the Hong Kong Writers' Circle

'This innovative anthology, selected with wit, craft and sensitivity, brings together a community of new and award-winning writers associated with the University of Hong Kong. A fine addition to the growing body of creative writing published in Asia.'
--Madeleine Marie Slavick, poet-photographer, and author of Delicate Access and Round--Poems and Photographs of Asia

'Heartening. This anthology adds a necessary showcase of the present generation's creative work. If Hong Kong is to establish its place in the world's literary landscape, it will be because new local talent continues to ascend. The emerging writers included here are smart, sensitive, serious. If even a few of these mature into true voices for our city, then this fine editorial effort will be much more than just one university department's output. The future of our literary culture depends on publications like these.'
--Xu Xi, author of six books of fiction, including The Unwalled City and Overleaf Hong Kong and co-editor of two anthologies of Hong Kong writing in English.'

Introduction / Tammy Ho 9
    Sometime(after William Stafford) / Shirley Geok-lin Lim 15
    Englishes / Kerr Li Ming Yat 15
    So your name is Chan...something..wing? / Samuel Yuk Wing Chan 16
    Boy / Steven Dyson 18
    My name / Kerr Li Ming Yat 19
    Self-portrait / Eddie Tay 20
    Falling leaves in Hong Kong / Grace Sze Fong 21
    Primary school / Akina Lam Chi Ting 21
    Casey and the funshine band / Casey O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Casey 22
    Every day / Grace Sze Fong 25
    Foreign teas / Marina Ma 26
  Hong Kong and other places  
    Twelve nights - selected Hong Kong places in the form of Haiku / Arthur Leung 29
    Hong Kong abode / Grace Chin 31
    The new apostles' creed / Simone Yeung Sze Man 33
    My city(Hong Kong in spite of sars) 34
    Ask me / Casey O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Casey 37
    A celebrity with diabetes / Jean Tsui Kam 38
    Tram / Agnes Chan Sun Yee 38
    Last to go / Vivian Sum 39
    Pokfulam / Gary Hui Kar Hin 45
    New Territories / Jacqueline Law Yuen Chi, Law, Yuen-chi, Jacqueline 45
    Sabbath in Hong Kong / Simone Yeung Sze Man 46
    Tofu / Gary Hui Kar Hin 46
    Metropolis / Tina Yeung Moon Ki 47
    Bricks and snow / Page Richards 48
    Morning / Jacqueline Law Yuen Chi, Law, Yuen-chi, Jacqueline 49
    A labourer of time / Samuel Yuk Wing Chan 50
    Korean flag / Agnes Chan Sun Yee 51
    A trip to Rome / Eva leung 53
    Cetral / Eva leung 54
    Feng Shui / Shirley Geok-lin Lim 54
  Lovers and genealogy  
    Unmapped / Wendy Gan 57
    Promise / Grace Chin 58
    The third person / Tammy Ho 58
    Life is only once, like a leaf / Eddie Tay 59
    To wring words from a man / Tammy Ho 61
    Yours / Sandy Wong 61
    The tattooed lady / Suzanne Hermanoczki 62
    Housewives / Rosanna Lau Hoi Wah 65
    For Mei Jie / Arthur Leung 66
    The in-between / Eva Leung 67
    Funerals / Eddie Tay 68
    Mother, mother / Iris Yeung Ka Wun 70
    My colourful family / Gigi Leung Wai Chi 70
    The funeral / Jacqueline Law Yuen Chi 71
    On Chung Yeung festival / Jean Tsui Kam 71
    My third daughter-in-law / Josephine Cset 72
    That April morning / Casey O'Donnell 75
    Snapshots at a funeral / Candice Ng Sheung Pui 76
    Grey / Rosanna Lau Hoi Wah 76
    A visit to the cemetery in Chung Yeung festival / Akina Lam Chi Ting 77
    His t-shirts / Tammy Ho 78
    Afterlives / Kerr Li Ming Yat 81
    A writer's life / Samuel Yuk Wing Chan 81
    The dream of midnight summer / Tina Yeung Moon Ki 82
    A poetess / Jean Tsui Kam 83
    Cliche / Samuel Yuk Wing Chan 83
    Eye / Simone Yeung Sze Man 84
    Senility / Grace Chin 85
    Death / Yingyu 85
    The one who got lost / Charis Lee 87
    The mirror / Laura Frings 91
    Sleep / Rosanna Lau Hoi Wah 91
    Period detail / Steven Dyson 92
    Weiyou Dushu Gao / Candice Ng Sheung Pui 101
    Under this roof / Iris Yeung Ka Wun 102
    The wandering girl / Jean Tsui Kam 102

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